Maybe They'll Drop Some Napalm Why They're At It

Shit. The goddamn Air and Water Show is this weekend. Screaming jets just went by. I’m glad they are burning the fuel my tax dollars are paying for and flying low enough that I can’t hear myself talk on the phone. The thing isn’t until Saturday and they are already doing this bullshit?

I’m all for admonishing militarist imperialism with thin-disguised hardware dickswinging – but usually they wait until Friday afternoon. 






2 responses to “Maybe They'll Drop Some Napalm Why They're At It”

  1. Geoman Avatar

    Yo Andy,
    They’re playing up the military-jock thing for all of the ‘foamers’ and “Fumns” (fuckin’ military nuts) that get off on dudes in uniform (both straight and gay). Hell, when I was stationed at the Lakes and strutted off the train in my pegged and bellbottomed tailored blues or whites, I was always ‘booked’ for the weekend…Chicago was always a quick ‘pick-up’ town for guys in uniform that were lookin’ for a good time.

  2. sven Avatar

    I am so glad I don’t live along the Lakefront for that reason. This weekend used to bug the crap outta me.

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