Maurice Sendak on Disney

Also from the Newsweek interview:

Sendak: We are squeamish. We are Disneyfied. We don’t want children to suffer. But what do we do about the fact that they do? The trick is to turn that into art. Not scare children, that’s never our intention.

Newsweek: Do you think Disney is bad for children?

Sendak: I think it’s terrible. … I adored Mickey Mouse when I was a child. He was the emblem of happiness and funniness.  He had teeth…. Yes. He was more dangerous. He did things to Minnie that were not nice. I think what happened, was that he became so popular—this is my own theory—they gave his cruelty and his toughness to Donald Duck. And they made Mickey a fat nothing. He’s too important for products. They want him to be placid and nice and adorable. He turned into a schmaltzer. I despised him after a point.







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