Market Days 2004

Market Days is like an internment camp with funnel cakes.

Ron and I woke late and had breakfast and then went to see the festivities. It is a strange affair mixing political action groups and area businesses with multiple stages hosting tons of music. Highlights:

Generations and their front-girl Kristin Equi cranking out a fantastic version of Pat Benatar’s ‘Heartbreaker’ as wells as GNR’s ‘Sweet Child of Mine’. She’s got a fantastic voice and a true rocker-grrl spirit.

A little girl in a blue dress and white tennies dancing like a madwoman to the above music. Her dad watched, as did everyone else, and laughed as this little spitfire tried to headbang with her entire being. She must’ve been about 5 years old. She was running in circles and spinning around as the music infused her itty-bitty body with the spirit of hard rock.

Another stage had an R & B group that I didn’t get the name of but, again, a fantastic front-woman. This time busting out ‘I Will Survive’, ‘Respect’ and other crowd-pleasing R & B hits.

The Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps (ROTC) entertained at Hydrate’s intersection with a great almalgam of military precision and cheerleader perkyness. I always love these guys.

A funnel cake of course topped off the entire afternoon. It was chasing a rasberry-and-champagne squishee and an Italian sausage. I also had a chicken-on-a-stick contraption. The food was great as I was enjoying it but would haunt the rest of my evening and this morning.

To close the evening we had an ice cream run at Windy City Sweets.

As the day wore on the crowds grew thicker and the traffic of bodies much like pre-Christmas Michigan Avenue. And we know how much I love slow moving, closely packed crowds of people. Once I’d had a bit too much chest hair brushing against my arms, I knew it was time to get out.

Ron is on is way to Hawai’i. Bastard. I told him to come back dark.

I am moved in and about 1/3 unpacked. I swear to God, everything I own has a powerpack. I have all of these boxes of papers that I need to keep cooking down until I have only the essentials. I just mopped – this will need to be a frequent occurence methinks.

I managed to get sucked into the E channel. Something that Brigitte and I used to do every Sunday. I am still pretty outraged that of their 5 hour Hollywood Blondes series that the top ones didn’t not include Marilyn, Mansfield or Marlene. I’m re-learned how empty watching that channel makes me life feel.






4 responses to “Market Days 2004”

  1. Matthew Avatar

    Sounds like a fabulous day. I did see a bit of the Fab Blonde show and was hoping to see Madonna make the list. Did she ? Have a fantastic week.

  2. Rick Avatar

    An internment camp with funnel cakes. I’ve never heard it put quite like that before.

    It’s fascinating people-watching, no doubt… but definitely overly crowded… to the point where I just can’t take it anymore. I’m actually glad I missed most of it this year. It’s not worth spending a whole lot of time on anyway…

    Glad to hear your move is about complete. I’m thinking a Chicago Blogger meet might have to happen sometime soon.

  3. andrew (london) Avatar
    andrew (london)

    You’re a very good writer. You describe the place so well, that I feel I have been there. Although I have no idea what a funnel cake is.

  4. Alan Avatar

    OK, “Market Days is like an internment camp with funnel cakes.” is a great quote. That quote alone is reason enough for me to read your blog!

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