Mark Morford on Maine, Washington, the Bible and Gay Marriage

From the always awesome Mark Morford:

Meanwhile, there was a glimmer of good news up in the state of Washington, where they voted in favor of gay marriage, sort of, only they didn’t actually call it marriage because That Would Be Wrong, given how we all know “marriage” is a registered trademark of the Bible and cannot be modified, adjusted, or allowed to evolve in the slightest… In case you forgot: the Bible was very serious about that one bogus line in Leviticus calling people of the same gender getting it on being an abomination against God. Just as it was dead serious about sundry other abominations — like, say, trimming your beard, sleeping next to your menstruating wife, eating shrimp, or purchasing slaves from too far away. Yay Bible! Always a terrific reference for modern life.

via Fear, homophobia send postcard from Maine!


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