Mark McGwire's Crocodile Tears

Did anyone see this crap?

Mr. Mackey.

Steroids are bad, mm’kay!

He played the gay card, too!

I’ll do anything for the children! What about the children and families! I’ll do anything but tell the truth.

What a wuss.

Orphans! Kids homes! ‘Heed the call!’ Task forces! Army service! Courage soldiers! Mom! Apple pie! Lou Gehrig’s Disease! Skin cancer! Sun safety!

Later: Why can’t they just answer every question with the true answer: MONEY.






2 responses to “Mark McGwire's Crocodile Tears”

  1. palochi Avatar

    The better question to ask is… why is this a congressional hearing?

    Why don’t they have a big televised congressional hearing on health care issues in America? Or the homeless? Or violence?

    Oh. That’s right. It’s not sexy and you can’t get an autograph.

  2. Peter Avatar

    Actually, “Major League Baseball” (MLB) is considered a government-sponsored cartel. In fact, the Supreme Court gave baseball an exemption from antitrust statutes back in the early 1920s. This came up recently with the battle to move the Montreal Expos to Washington, which was fought by the Baltimore Orioles.

    So, in some ways, the Government does have a duty to meddle in baseball since there is no “free market” pressure.

    That said, I agree with palochi. Though I don’t care about baseball–I’m an (American-rules) football fan and they banned steroid use years ago.

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