I’d heard (and blogged) about the notorious game Manhunt and saw that it was only twenty bucks at Best Buy so I got a copy and came home to play it between work sessions. You are a prisoner who has survived a fake execution and has been put into a maze of urban decay teeming with murderers. The game, so far, is all hand-to-hand. You first couple kills involve a plastic bag. Creeping in the shadows and hunting down your prey is effective and rewarded. The look and feel of the game is gritty and creepy. When I got done playing it tonight I turned off the Playstation and Whuh! a shiver creeped up my spine.

The first time I played Quake, I played it so much that I started dreaming in First Person Shooter format. This was compounded by the access underground access tunnels at the university I went to. Now as I’m walking down Roscoe I imagine a crazed killer in each shadow and wonder just how well would I do brandishing a Louisville Slugger. I probably should have gotten Grand Theft Auto instead.






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