Man Freaks Out on Price Is Right

One more reason to skip the methamphetamine before appearing on The Price Is Right. (Quicktime, Windows Media, Real)






9 responses to “Man Freaks Out on Price Is Right”

  1. JC Avatar

    It looked like he had a firecracker in his pants.

  2. barcode683 Avatar

    Makes me think of Anna Nicole Smith drunk at that awards show. She can be seen on

  3. Terrance Avatar

    Oh. My. God.

    If he made it to the final showcase, I want to see that.

  4. Brad Avatar

    I smell an Emmy

  5. Michael Avatar

    Oh, that was actually scary.

  6. Dunner Avatar

    Dude, he won a DINETTE. I’d be excited, too.

  7. Jeff Avatar

    …or his battery powered buttplug just went kaflooky.

  8. Jake Avatar

    Attention, Crack Whores: Do you SEE how pretty you look when you’re on ecstasy? Do you SEE?

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