Mall Dreams

And it is Friday. Ron is on his way to Orange County. Kitty is skulking around trying to wake up and my NO-XPLODE is dissolving in my waterbottle.

Sales went well yesterday – of couse unless I have huge huge huge results I’m never satisfied but I’m pleased with how things went and it’s a surely a hell of a lot more money I’d make getting dressed and on a train downtown to work at a company for the same number of hours.

I had a dream last night that I was at a megamall. Like some kind of Mall of the Americas. I’ve had a dream in this same complex before. Ron was there, my sister and brother in law were there, my parents were there, I think Alan and Jessi were there. My agent for some reason was part of the planning of the complex – a one-story metropolis of commerce and consumption. It had a pharmacy. The restaurants went on for miles. The place was packed. I go into one store that is selling cutesy Hello Kitty-esque things and there’s big plastic pig that sings about being an overeating anti-Barbie and so I buy it. The guy at the counter recognizes my last name from eBay. I somehow miss the taxi to where the rest of my group has gone. Very odd.

My mediafast had to break with the JonBenet announcement which ended up being disappointing – the DNA testing will tell us. As Jon Stewart said:

Long protracted war is LESS THAN War between historical enemies is LESS THAN (something else I can’t remember)  which all are LESS THAN break in 10-year old murder of child.

Brill’s Content has a great article years ago called JonBenet, Inc., about the industry of experts and publishers hitching their career to the misery of the Ramsey family. The article isn’t online unfortunately. I always wanted to write a play about the commodification of misery.

I am hoping the NSA/FISA case makes it to the Supreme Court. This will really show the danger of the idea of the unitary executive – that the President can do whatever he wants. I’m sure Scalia will rubber-stamp whatever Bush wants. Such an ugly time.






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