Male Teacher Shortage Hits 40 Year Low

My dad often remarked on this during his career in education. He was blessed amongst women for most of his tenure.

One male special education teacher in New York recalls overhearing “a lot of teachers — smart, educated women who are great teachers — saying that there should be a man in the classroom to solve certain problems.” Nelson sees this attitude as just one example of the gender-related biases that need to be addressed. Finally, many men shy away from the classroom for fear of being accused of abuse: “I have men tell me that they are not being hired or they can’t get an interview because people think there is something wrong with a man who wants to work with children.”






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  1. Beastmomma Avatar

    I think there also seems to be a misconception that male teachers handle discpline problems better. I think the perception that there is something wrong with men who want to work with children extends to the perception that men who are nurses as being strange.

  2.  Avatar

    another problem:

    most new teachers whom are not connected or know someone quit teaching within three years. tyherer simply are not enough jobs and far too many teachers.

  3.  Avatar

    forgot to mention:

    it is who you know, definately not what you know. i know this b/c my uncle, hiring staff from a dominant district told me so. maybe that is why i was hired before i graduated.

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