Interview with Derrick Jensen author of Culture of Make Believe
Race, Murder and the Lies We Tell Ourselves
on Guerrilla News:

If you go just by the numbers, then the largest segregationist racist organization in the country is the American judicial and penal system because it has achieved segregation of black males on a scale that the KKK can only dream about.

One of the things that I came to pretty quickly was that any hatred that?s felt long enough and deeply enough no longer feels like hatred, it feels like tradition, or religion, or economics, or the way things are.

[We have] very strict rules within our culture in which violence is only allowed to flow in one direction. And when it flows in the opposite direction . . . when it flows up the hierarchy, the victims are fetishized and those who committed the violence are demonized and tortured and killed, as with the lynching – even if there?s no violence, if they just get up and if they threaten that entitlement.






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    hate is the darkness in the soul of man.Love will conquer all.We are lied to has children and continued lieing to our children.We must focus to let the hate go in to the darkness that it creapes out of.The USA will stand in the light for all to see what we want to have this war so we can have all the oil………..dan

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