Loving Liberty and Freedom

One of the most arrogant things to come out of the recent Iraqi elections is this attitude that the Iraqis aren’t pulling their weight. That suddenly we have to have this immediate withdrawal without any kind of logic or sensibility. We are the ones that came in and disrupted the entire country and now there’s this sentiment that the Iraqis just need to buck up and take responsibility for the carnage we have wreacked upon them.

Notice also the alignment of the insurgents as terrorists. Suddenly the war in Iraq is part of the War on Terror. Why wouldn’t the insurgents really be freedom fighters or the resistance? I guess it is just all in your perspective.







2 responses to “Loving Liberty and Freedom”

  1. Dunner Avatar

    Andy, I don’t think anyone is calling for the immediate withdrawal of our troops, I think we just need to set some kind of criteria for when we can get out and have some semblance of a plan for getting out. A timeline, if you will.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Lemme amend. It’s not the Democrats I’m meaning – it’s the idiots calling in to CNN acting like we are cleaning up the Iraqis mess when in fact we made the mess.

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