Loves Kills the Demon

Had a temp job yesterday helping out making transit passes for students at a design academy. All I have to say is the place was packed with hot chicks. The guys were sorta cute but these fashion design and graphic design chicas had it goin’ on. It was a good reminder of how much I hate sitting there and doing jack shit. But a paycheck is good to have. This was my first day of work since mid-April. I’m going to work on getting my personal training certification in the next couple of weeks since I already work at a gym and I’m two blocks away from it. I think it’d be fun.

Ron and I watched Natural Born Killers last night. He hadn’t seen it in a while and this was the director’s cut which would have gotten Stone an NC-17 rating for violence. I still think that film is masterful. The editing from different film and video formats and storytelling through various pop idioms always blows me away. I realize how much I’ve ripped off from Stone. Like in JFK, in NBK when things start heating up dramatically the scene becomes bathed in a white hot light. I ripped that off for a play I directed a few years ago. And the way Stone always connects Mickey and Mallory’s violence back to their abuse as children. And the additive component of the story where you see disparate film elements and as the film progresses you start to understand the context behind them. I recommend the deleted scenes too which features the court room sequence where Mickey cross-examines Ashley Judd – the only survivor of the M & M’s slumber party massacre. That and some harrowing scenes of the happy couple cutting a weightlifters legs off with a chainsaw – the voiceover is the athelete saying how grateful he was for the truth Mickey and Mal showed him while the audio of the scene shown is his grunting like a half slaughtered cow. Good God.

Back from the gym. Eating some cream of rice and some scramble egg whites. A little carb attack last night ending in the decimation of a bag of full-butter peanut butter and oatmeal cookies. I figure if I put any sugar fest at the beginning of the week that gives me the rest of the week to unbloat for the beach on the weekend.

We also finished out season one of Twin Peaks. Dad: can you and mom send up the Twin Peaks videotapes? I think they’re in the basement next to my boxes of books. I am always amazed at the half dozen plot lines that they juggle in each episode and all of the timed to a climax just in time for the end of season one and a surprise shooting of a major character.

Mom: I know how much off-white whites make you insane so I got some OxiClean and I’m going to try bleaching all my whites in the tub today.






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