Lost, Season 1, Discs 1 & 2

Sitting here at the cafe. Came here after brekkies (is that too Euro to call breakfast brekkies? It was too early to be second breakfast or elevensies). There’s a guy behind me scribbling like a madman on a yellow legal pad. He wrote the sentence: Illinois Masonic took my cum! I was going to turn to him and say, ‘They saved Hitler’s brain, too,’ but he looked like he was in a groove.

Ron and I rented Disc 1 of Season 1 of Lost last night. I really enjoy watching television in DVD format. Especially with something like this. Just like Twin Peaks gave way to X-Files, Lost is giving way to a whole new crop of shows that reminds executives that yes, people do like a little mystery.

And Lost has plenty of mystery.

I mean I know that they can never get off the island or they are really no longer lost. Unless they get off the island and then crash somewhere else and are re-lost. Sort of like how I wonder how Prison Break can have a second season unless it is another set of characters or they all get re-imprisoned (Ron and I are abstaining from Prison Break so we can enjoy the series on DVD later on).

So far with Lost we have the mysterious beastie, the mysterious broadcast, the strange bear and everybody has a crazy backstory. I like it. Ron does too. I called over to the video store to see if they had disc two and then went and got that. We have a couple more episodes on this disc to watch tonight.

I think the guy with the pilfered pearl jam is talking like Danny in The Shining.

Redrum. Danny isn’t here Missus Torrance. They took his cum.

Very strange.







2 responses to “Lost, Season 1, Discs 1 & 2”

  1. sis Avatar

    Don’t spill the beans, I’ve only started disk 2! But, tonight we get to find out in Season 2 if Jin speaks more than Korean. ah ha!

  2. Nancy Tierney Avatar

    My husband and I just finished watching the whole first season on DVD and now we are “Lost” addicts. It started innocently with the first disk, but then we couldn’t stop! Our Tivo was heavy with other programs we recorded, but we didn’t care. We just wanted the next episode of Lost.

    Now we’re caught up and onto this season’s episodes, but I’m with you, Andy. It’s great watching TV on DVD. In a way, we’re tempted to just wait until the second season comes out in one big yummy 6-DVD package. But we can’t. We’re too addicted.

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