Lost in Translation

Just heard where this got a slew of Oscar nominations. I thought it was an alright film but nowhere near as stunning as others have thought. I think it was in Vanity Fair where a writer contended that the film was obviously a rich girl film made by a rich girl (Sofia Coppolla) where life is depressing when you’re affluent and have no dreams – except for binge-drinking in a hotel while rolling around in your panties – and others are simply co-stars in your carefully calculated pity party – with those silly Japs as the requisite Cosmo Kramers. Mr Cranky writes it to the point:

Who is Charlotte? What has she done with her life? Do we care? She begins asking these questions while tossing her dirty undies all over the furniture in her $300/night hotel room, begging us, the audience, to please care about the internal machinations of the poor little rich girl. You know, I’d have cared a hell of a lot more if she were staying in some rat-infested flophouse. Jesus, get some psychotherapy like everyone else, bitch.

And that’s why I think the film is ultimately unsatisfying… I know, I know – that some will say that it’s a ‘mood piece’ or it’s a ‘meditation on yackety-yack’ but that just means to mean ‘it’s boring as hell and ultimately unsatisfying’. I think my lower-middle-class/work-equals-worth upbringing has a hard time pitying the idle. That’s why I like the style of Pulp Fiction but, in the end, can’t waste emotions on such obviously self-destructive lunatics.






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  1. dan Avatar

    The movie was an attempt to keep the Coppla Dynesty alive in film.It is hard to realize a lot of movies are made just for money and not for the art of the film craft.

    I can’t say I disagree with that particular review, but maybe one should consider that this IS the bitch’s psychotherapy.
    As for the movie being made for money, it’s not like movies such as American Beauty and far from Heaven aren’t.

    So, my point is. This is the way it should be. A movie shouldn’t be made to automatically please or connect with everyone. If this is a rich girl film by a rich girl, well then that’s what it is. And there’s nothing wrong with it.
    I’m sure as hell not watching another Vincent Gallo movie, but I don’t think he should stop making them.

    I still think Gollum should win an oscar for acting in the best actor’s category. His performance outdid everyone else in the film.

  2. thom Avatar

    Bill Murray was absolutely wonderful… and the soundtrack was so affective that you just don’t notice it until you go “damn… that sounds good.”

    I think The Station Agent should’ve receive the anti-anxiety movie of the year award. Lets go play some railroad tycoon, no?

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