Looney Tunes: Golden Collection (Volume 1)

I always keep a running tally of DVDs in my head to have the house stocked with when I have kids. From toons to documentaries to their first forays into science fiction or horror – I have a canon of stuff I want them to see. And Looney Tunes is always at the top of that list.

Imagine thrill of watching 56 of the best Looney Tunes classics, uncut and remastered and without any commercials. It’s wonderful! The usual favorites are here as well as ones I forgot about (Bulldog Mark Anthony and his attempts to foster parent a kitten, the one with the sheepdog and the wolf). Worth the money.

The 4-DVD set is also chock full of special features documenting the over 1000 shorts that the studio made during their run. Say ‘Chuck Jones’, ‘Carl Stalling’, ‘Mel Blanc’, ‘Bill McKimson’ or ‘Fritz Freleng’ to anyone and see if the name sounds familiar – but they just can’t say from where. Includes Toon Heads a Cartoon Network doc that I think includes war-time toons including ones of Hitler and Daffy Duck hiding from the draft board. Also Bugs Bunny selling war bonds to Irving Berling songs and a jingle about keeping military secrets written by Dr. Seuss.






2 responses to “Looney Tunes: Golden Collection (Volume 1)”

  1. Gigamatt Avatar

    I’ll bet it doesn’t include the early racist ones that you’ll never see on TV…

  2. Andy Avatar

    It doesn’t include the full toons but references them – the ‘minstrel show types’ and Japanese stereotypes from WWII.

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