Like a Dot-Com

Nationwide, the average wedding cost has risen to $22,360, according to Conde Nast Bridal Group, a division of Conde Nast Publications Inc. Shit – if I ever spent that much on one day in my life there better be plasma screen TVs installed. This is crazy. Chicks are nuts.






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  1. Celeste Avatar

    Ahh! I too am an INFJ. Apparently, we’re are rare species. With a high chance of having ESP (!!)

  2. Tim Avatar

    I just got back from a wedding this weekend where they spent more than that on just the sit-down dinner alone. If I came from a family that well-off, I’d ask for whatever they would have spent on a wedding for me and put it towards a condo for me and my boyfriend.

  3. Brooks Avatar

    The weddings at Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas are $255. And that’s with the Elvis singing three songs and officiating the ceremony! So I am in agreement… that’s too much money to be spending for a silly wedding. Money better spent on a downpayment for a house, or a condo, or a cocaine habit.

  4. dan Avatar

    to be with the girl of your dreams is only pennies a day,,,,,,where would we be with out chicks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    My mother always said that people should take the money they spend on a wedding and pay for a year or two of couples therapy. There’s some sense to it, espicaly since my mother is a therapist.


  5. April Avatar

    Not all chicks!

    My fiance and I are keeping our budget at $5k, at the most. I’ve spoken to friends after their weddings, and, criminy, I can’t imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on a day that most newlyweds say sped by. I also don’t see the point in spending money to feed every person that’s ever crossed my path in a lifetime.

    Give me the purty dress, my husband-to-be, the other people I love (and my siblings, too – ha!), and the pastor to perform the ceremony, and I’m good to go!

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