Letter from a Contractor in Iraq

Lehmann posts a letter received from a contractor working in Iraq: (via Eschaton)

Instead of a professional military outfit here we have a bunch of cowboys and vigilantes running wild in the streets. The ugly American has never been so evident. We won the war but that doesn’t mean we can treat the people of this couotry with contempt and disregard with no thought to the consequences. Those contractors, just like the last ones who were killed, were out running free with no military escort. Armed or not, that is a breach of protocol and a severe security risk.

That brings me up to a point I’m trying to find information on. Are we employing Iraqis in the rebuilding of their country? If not, why are we paying billions of dollars to ship personnel over to Iraq. It’s not like the country isn’t full of contractors, masons, carpenters, engineers, electricians and whatever else would be needed… right?






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  1. Delawer Mohammed Avatar
    Delawer Mohammed

    Greeting Andy,

    I totaly agree with you, you were right in every word said to a great extent. i would like to add that i was looking for a job on the iternet when i ran across your articale, it’s now over a year and i still can’t find a job


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