Let's just say New Years

Let’s just say New Years was a suck-o-rama. Waited way too long to hear Brian play and then Matt play at some dive bar. Throughout the evening was a incredibly abrasive M.C. that succeeded in making the countdown to midnight an experiment in extreme excruciation. With no fanfare we all did the obligatory hugging and kissing with minimal cheer. Naked and Shameless played an alright set highlighted by ‘I Would Walk 500 Miles’ and ‘Head Like A Hole.’ Around 1:30 we all left. I decided since the straight part of the evening was a suckdog I’d try things on the flip side and took a taxi to Circuit. Checked my coat and shirt and made my way to the dance floor. It was a nice change of pace, my white muscle shirt glowing in the blacklights. Danced with some trashy guys from Ann Arbor – seems like all gay men from Ann Arbor are trashy – then made my way around people watching. Saw Stephen dancing with Karen and Brigitte’s boss Pete. Then I met up with Chris a Thai guy I dated last spring. We danced till around 3:30 and things turned sour when he tried to come home with me – I may have miscommunicated though – I dunno. I jumped in the taxi and came home and slept until 4 that afternoon. Woke up and ambled around the house a while and then back to sleep. Well at least having such an anti-climactic New Year gives me room to improve for the rest of the year.

I think Nick hogged all the holiday cheer. He was at the Met watching The Merry Widow when in the middle of the last act Dame Edna comes out and tells some jokes and then parades all these Broadway singers who come out and sing songs from their shows. Bastard. Then a chat pal in Ohio writes that he and his boyfriend and two other couples ended up in a huge menage a six.






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