(lest you think that only

(lest you think that only I am crazy – I have evidence from my friends to prove that we are part of a circle of insantiy:)

From: Brigitte
To: Karen; Andy
Subject: It’s official…I’m crazy

Ladies and Gentlemen…I am officially crazy.? Oh…you think it’s just my carefree, live in the moment and see where life takes you personality…but you are WRONG.

When did I arrive at this conclusion?? This morning.? But let me rewind.

Last night, I decided to play on the internet.? Usual stuff…check e-mail, take a test, catch up on Hollywood gossip, horoscope for the week, even posted my first blog.? A usual Sunday night with?The Practice airing in the backround.? Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone on television utters the words “I Do.”? Because of the randomness of my thinking, I hear a song from college.? A country song that I remembered adoring, even though I didn’t listen to country that much.? The title was “I Do”? Boy, I’d love to hear that song again.? So I start humming it and the only lyrics I can remember out of the whole song are “Baby, I will, I have, I am…I do.”? God, who sang that?? I racked my brain, called my sister, even went through my old cassettes to see if I had it.? I was a woman possessed.? I had to hear THAT song…NOW!!

This whole journey began at 9:30.? By 11:00, still had no fuckin clue who sang it.? I couldn’t sleep. Everytime I lay down, those same lyrics popped into my head.? I got it.? NAPSTER.? Now my sister’s laptop, which I’m keeping while she’s in London, had Napster already downloaded.? But, shit, I can’t get onto AOL.? Who the hell can’t get on AOL at 11:00 at night?? ME!!!? So I boot up my computer.? It takes 15 minutes to dowload Napster and at 11:30 I begin my search.

Song Title:? I DO
Artist:? (well this is the reason for this whole ordeal in the first place)


Shit.? Okay, maybe if I can just remeber his name.? I jump on ask.com and search through several country music sites to no avail.? Finally, I am brought to this lyric search site.? Bingo.? I type…Baby, I will, I have, I am…I do.? Unfortunately, this pulls songs with any hint of these lyrics.? No…not Islands in the Stream…not I Do Cherish You by 98 Degrees.? Great 10520 titles with any resemblance.? Clock check…12:15.? DAMN.? I have to go to work in the morning.? Finally, on page 15 of ten billion, I find it.? “I Do” by Paul Brandt.? YES, that’s it!? Now any other NORMAL person would be okay with that.? But NOW I had to hear the song.? All right NAPSTER, do your thing.? BINGO.? I start transfer.? 1st attempt.? Shit. After 20 minutes, transfer failed.? 2nd attempt.? Shit. After 10 minutes, transfer failed.? 3rd attempts.? Yeah baby.? After 20 mins. I had my song.? Listened to it twice and drifted off to sleef around 2:15.? VICTORY!!!

So needless to say, I was not happy to get up this morning at 6:00.? But I did the daily rituals.? I was packing my bag for work and went to the CD tower to get music for the day.? Soundtrack to Ally McBeal…Barenaked Ladies…HOLY SHIT!!!? Is that what I think it is?? Why yes, it is.? Staring back at me is the jewel case for Calm Before the Storm-Paul Brandt.? NO WAY!!? But sure enough, there it is in black and white…Track #3…I DO.

So I’ve changed my personal theme song to MANIAC from the Flashdance soundtrack to really accept and embrace my ‘tardness.

And yes, I brought it to work today.






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