Latter Days

Steve Sandvoss as Elder Aaron in Latter Days.

I was at the video store and asked the guy what gay-themed movie he recommended. I complained that we kept renting movies where the box had torsos on the front but once we watched the movie there was little to no erotic action. Sort of like Denied (don’t rent it!) or the tedious The M.O. of M.I (we didn’t even get past the first 15 minutes). He recommended Latter Days.

Latter Days is about Aarron, a Mormon missionary that moves to Los Angeles to do his two-year missionary service. This is one of the things I have always admired about the Mormon church. The expectation that you must complete service before you are fully an adult (at least for men – I believe that mission for women is not required). I ask myself what would I be passionate enough to go door-to-door to talk to strangers about.

Then there’s Christian (get it? – his name is Christian) who is our standard Hollywood circuit boy, filling his days with meaningless sex and witty repartee at his waiter job at a restaurant. He has a fantastic body but wears slutty booty shorts all the time.

Christian bets his friends that he can have sex with the Mormon boy and nab his endowment – the ‘sacred panties’ as Brigitte likes to call them. The sacred undergarments.

Shit happens and sex happens and lives are destroyed and renewed and as expected the epiphany comes during a quick-cut scene involving a dance club, sweaty abs and pounding music. If only my life changed like that on the dance floor.

The highlight of the film is the scenes with the adults. Aaron’s scenes with his mother are the best moments in the movie as well as the scenes with the restaurant owner – played by Jacqueline Bissett – who is on track to being the next Colleen Dewhurst.

The best line in the movie is when Aaron chides Christian:

You’re so pretty and colorful on the outside, but inside you’re nothing but fluff. You’re like a walking, talking marshmallow Peep!

Worth a rental.






5 responses to “Latter Days”

  1. Alan Avatar

    I liked the hotel sex scene. Well, not for the reason you think. OK, yeah, for that reason too, but also because it was so well shot. From every angle, including in mirrors, but still no naughty bits showing.

    I thought the editing at the bigging was a little too quick…started to feel like I was on crystal there for a little while, but then it calmed down.

    As with most things…the book is better.

  2. philtre Avatar

    Liked the movie. I didn’t think I would, going in.

    My all-time favourites, though, are the following:

    Hamam – Il Bagno Turco (a.k.a. The Turkish Bath, a.k.a Steam)
    The Fluffer
    Fine Mrtve Djevojke (Fine Dead Girls)
    and of course,
    The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
    and maybe, as far as latent homosexuality goes

    Those are a must-watch!!! Although, there’s not a lot of sexy action in any of them, they’re all very complex and rich character-wise, even Priscilla.

    I would also add Top Gun, but then the last sentence would be a complete lie 🙂

  3. mmonk Avatar

    urbania is very good. i watched it in theatre a few years ago.

  4. Zerocool23 Avatar

    I saw that movie just before going to bed with my boyfriend. We rent it but we were not sure about how we will like it. Finally that movie turns out to be one of my best movie ever. I cried 5 times in that movie. I don’t consider myself as really sensitive but that movie is great. The concept of everything in life has a meaning and you can give it a sense is too good. Anyway, since that I recommend it to all my friends. That gay movie has treated about so much values in life. It’s a must! And by the way, Steve Sandvoss is deadly handsome in his charater. The innocence and the intensity of his character made me felt in love with him.

    I definitely gonna buy the DVD version.

  5. Marlon Basa Avatar
    Marlon Basa

    I hope I get to see it. It is not yet shown, nor previewed here in the Philippines. I accidentally viewed it, when I was searching for hotties. Then there he is, just on his half naked self, Steven Sandvoss. I wish he’s really gay. So much for my sour graping I hopw this one gets-in.

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