Last night I was intimating

Last night I was intimating to a friend my excitement about my business idea I’ve cooked in my brain for three years that I hope to execute in the autumn… and if it was going to work or not. She replied, ‘Of course it’s gonna work! You’re Andy mutha-fuckin’ (my last name)!’ Fuck yeah. Why can’t we see ourselves as others see us? Or I guess more accurately, why can’t I see my greatness as others see it and only focus on the negative (and in the minority) messages I receive verbally, nonverbally or just through paranoiac ‘it’s all about me’ delusions. I keep meditating on how fear of moving forward, growing more, expanding is fear of failure, yes – but also – fear of living up to that badass you know you are inside. It’s that migrating the internal Tyler Derden from the inner world into the outer one. I swear to God, I could build a self-help seminar off Fight Club. You don’t have to live by the rules. There are no rules. Yes, there’s bureaucracy and red tape but how much of it do you really choose to participate in. Just because 90% of the rest of the world does things one way doesn’t mean you have to rot in a cubicle for the rest of your life.






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