Larry Kramer's Speech at Cooper's Union

Epic screed by Larry Kramer. Read it all – here’s some gems: (via Some Amusing Blog Pun)

Most gay people I see appear to me to act as if they’re bored to death. Too much time on your hands, my mother would say. Hell, if you have time to get hooked on crystal and do your endless rounds of sex-seeking, you have too much time on your hands. Ah, you say, aren’t we to have a little fun? Can’t I get stoned and try barebacking one last time. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!

Ok, keep putting your life in jeopardy. 110 of their drug companies certainly want you to do so. Keep dancing your asses off at circuit parties all over the world as you go down to the sea in ships that are made to intentionally capsize and take you down with them.

We are on daily chemotherapy. No one wants to call it that. We call it the cocktail. We are on chemotherapy! Chemotherapy either kills the disease or kills us! What are we going to do when they don’t work any longer?

It was New Year’s Eve. And I could not eat anything. Furiously he crawled into bed with me, boots and all, and started to cry. “We haven’t come this far for you to die because you won’t eat,” he screamed, tears streaming down his face.

Feel the burn. I think I’ll do a staged reading of this on Roscoe and Halsted tomrrow night.






2 responses to “Larry Kramer's Speech at Cooper's Union”

  1. palochi Avatar

    I read this yesterday. Wow. Pretty hardcore, in your face stuff. Larry’s a hero of mine, although he’s been a little below the radar in recent years.

    Think what he’s saying will make a difference?

  2. Christopher Avatar

    With a Masters in Psychology from Columbia, I definitely SHOULD HAVE BEEN there as a role model for those 18-21 yr old gay’s who are just coming out, I was always made aware of any risk there was with drugs or sex by every 30 plus NY gay I met at 19, Now I’m a 40 yr old HIV Negative gay man and during my life I have all but closed my eyes to this. Hearing this speech 2 weeks ago has made me feel as if I’ve been awakened from a long sleep. I am disgusted with my oppulent lifestyle and push to earn more money for frivalous material things. I can’t undo my past, but I am trying to shout as hard as I can to get people to SIMPLY WAKE UP AND GET SOME COMMON SENSE. I now try to talk as a FRIEND ONLY to any 18 – 23 yr old and say, don’t even try anything called crystal, tina or meth, it is the same as sticking yourself with an infected needle. If i can help just one person avoid HIV I will know that no matter what anyone says, I tried and have done what I can. Not only with my voice, but my money as well. I am totally ashamed of myself and my own generaton!!!

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