LA Weekly reports on the

LA Weekly reports on the “the magical, mystical Negro best friend?:

Hollywood is smart enough to know that the nigger can no longer be synonymous with unmitigated evil, so it?s flipped the script and made black folk ? men and women ? spiritual mammies to white folk. Since white folk?s anxiety has to be quelled, familiar representations of blackness are being dusted off and given a retooled soundtrack, and it?s all good, yo. In truth, it?s containment passed off as celebration. These days, to shop and fuck across a Benetton rainbow of options is what passes for relevant, even progressive American cinema.






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  1. Kata Avatar

    good article.. very insightful.. I’m Swedish and find white men boring, and good clean fun, but not relationship material.. and as the contrast, find latin and black guys really sexy, bad boys… esp intelligent latin guys turn me on.. ones that I could marry, you know.. the real thing! so this article has me questioning, why are americans so curious and want to be spiritually uplifted in movies, but don’t actually want to have all of their friends latin or black? The anxiety is relavent, but it’s sad that it’s focused on the white rather than the black.. there aren’t a lot of movies that touch upon the awkwardness of a black or latin trying to be more white for the love of a white woman.. you know why? Cause I’ve never met a latin guy or chick ashamed of his roots…. blah this is indeed an interesting topic branching into various directions of thought..

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