Just talked to one of my blogging class participants and she raved and raved:

This was so easy and so much fun! This is the best class I’ve taken in a million years! You are great!

I’ve heard similar reactions before but they always seem to fade. What is it about positive feedback – it seems to have a half-life? It decays while negative feedback seems to just stick around forever like so much toxic waste in steel barrels that leak into the water table.

In other news: I’m thinking that next week will be a moratorium on political posting. I have got to get my head out of the collective political ass of the internet so I can breathe clearer. So I think what I’ll do is just forward-timestamp any political posts into the future so there’ll just be a big dump a week or so from now. There’s so much more on the internet (and – ahem – in that big ol’ real world) that I need to be exploring.

Also: my sister is coming in town (and hopefully her husband too) tomorrow. We are going to have a great time, I know. Ron and I were thinking about taking them to see The Grudge since we already saw it and we can watch them jump. We’ll see.






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