Kitty in Sink

I back-dated posts from my laptop that I wasn’t able to get online. And borrowed Ron’s digital camera.

Kitten in a bathroom sink, napping.

Kitten in a bathroom sink, napping.






6 responses to “Kitty in Sink”

  1. Scott in Kansas City Avatar
    Scott in Kansas City

    My cat, Mrs. Parker, sleeps in my bathroom sink just like that!

  2. RcktMan Avatar

    Omigod! I have pics of Screech doing the exact same thing. Aren’t kitties funny?

  3. daniel Avatar

    That is the cutest thing… My cats will play in the sink and make little paw prints on the counter, but not be cute about it like that!

  4. riye Avatar

    awww sweet. if i weren’t allergic, i would have a kitty right now!

  5. Juli Avatar

    My 2 cats do that too…must be ergonomically purrfect for them kitties, huh?

  6. Amy Avatar

    I’m happy to see another kitty do that! I thought my Siamese had lost his mind.

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