In case any new readers are reading this blog for the first time – know that the vitriol in the next post is not my usual flavor of bile. To counteract I’ve posted some pictures of kittycats!






13 responses to “Kitties!”

  1. JC Avatar

    Are those your cats? I am shocked to discover that you are a cat person.

  2. sam (v) Avatar

    Dogs rule, as evidenced by my latest blog entry! I’m honored by my dog’s sidejob as a porn actress.

  3. Bingo Avatar

    Great, a bunch of cats- now just start playing bridge and get a housecoat =)

  4. allan Avatar

    yay! kitties!

  5. RoguePlanet Avatar

    Awww, look at the little kitties . . .

  6. Andy Avatar

    Nope – those aren’t my cats – they’re from They’re kitties available for adoption in my area. Ron’s already been shopping for toys.

  7. Andy Avatar

    Toys for the cats.

  8. Bingo Avatar

    Ha, thanks for the clarification

  9. Daniel Avatar

    Aww, those cats are WAY too cute!

  10. big sis Avatar
    big sis

    Too cute! You should get a black kitty. Most people are supersitious and won’t get one because they think they’re bad luck. So there’s usually lots more of them than other kinds. But they’re too cute. Hard to see in the dark, though.

    Go for black kittens! I’ll send you a catnip cigar once you get him/her

  11. mark Avatar

    I love cats. They taste just like chicken.

  12. cheryl Avatar

    you won’t be the first to hide behind kitties 🙂 you could be naked but if you were holding kitties, nobody would notice….well, maybe i’m not speaking for this group.

  13. Michlt Avatar

    Cats, of course, want to be outfitted with all the lastest fashions, appliances, tools, and toys. That is why you simply MUST get your hands on The Ultimate Cats’ Catalogue by Ray G. Strobel (ISBN: 0740742078). I picked one up yesterday at my local Borders. There is simply so much to buy. I never realize how much my kittens were “roughing” it in my woefully undersupplied household.