Kennedy vs. Nixon Televised Debate

Found it! I had been looking for an audio of the historic debate… here’s an audio. Still looking for a video archive.

1960 US Presidential Debate

(past opening statements)

I think there’s a dichotomy then that is present now. Do our leaders inspire us with hope or terrorize us with fear?

Fear vs. Hope.






2 responses to “Kennedy vs. Nixon Televised Debate”

  1. JC Avatar

    I think that they use both. The fear to make us shake. The hope to take our vote.

  2. Luke Norman Avatar
    Luke Norman

    Generally putting fear out amongst the population helps the present “in” party. A Republican president was on office and Nixon his heir. John Kennedy was a democrat seeking the office, and had to be carefull in what subjects he would drum up for fear. eg: Cuba. I believe Kennedy offered the public an alternative. Open dialoge with Moscow, better relations but at the same time a tough stance against Communist aggression. I’m yet to see or hear a leader with the charisma that kennedy had.

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