Ken Lay Indicted

I chalk up the Enron debacle as the second event that got me to start reading more political discussion and discourse (the first was 9-11 of course). I was trying to find the original post where I just went off about Enron and how I wish immense ill on Kenneth Lay. The whole situation just hit me straight in the gut. I’ve been tracking him over the years and am delighted to see he’s been indicted and has surrendered to the FBI.

Lay is a repugnant example of greed, arrogance and pillaging the work and resources of others to fuck over those that trust you. I hope he rots in jail for the rest of this life.

I wish true ill on very few people in this world (Nick, you hopeless lying little motherfucker – I’m looking at you) but for Mr. Lay and a handful of others I hope that they enjoy a lifetime of debilitating pain and suffering for their sins.

Yeah – my Catholic ‘just desserts’ sensibility (stoked by too much Twilight Zone and Hitchcock) remains.






2 responses to “Ken Lay Indicted”

  1. cheryl Avatar

    hey andy….i see what you mean about separating your personal and professional blogs. good plan 🙂 as i was reading and enjoying the entry, i said out loud “whoah!” get back! i love bleeding heart liberals. there aren’t enough of them around who speak up. i’ll be back. and thanks for your help today. and you’re NOT dumb as dirt. cheryl

  2. Andy Avatar

    Ha ha ha ha! I almost wrote a second post immediately after posting this one in case any ‘professional’ types came by and stopped at this first post and got turned off.