Just put my WebVan order

Just put my WebVan order in – I hope they survive the dot-com fall-out. WebVan is one of the best services offered out there on the net. If you have access to it – try it out. I was up to $97 in groceries (stockin’ up!) and then it tells me that if I clear $100 I get $20 off – so I ended up buying a dick-load of peanuts.

I didn’t have the right pen to write my journal in today so I meditated on the bus. It was nice to just take time and relax.

Tonight we do begin rehearsals for Bruises. I’m very excited. Bruises is one of those magic plays to spill from my mind that is just a corrosive piece of theatre. Eliciting laughter, shock, boos and hisses, disgust and nausea – I am so proud of this play. We starting off blocking the combat sequence – a girl getting her face bludgeoned with a sledgehammer. Matt is doing the fight sequence as he did for the workshop production in college – we’re even using the same sledgehammer which has been inscribed ‘The Bruiser.’ Violence onstage is such a powerful tool for really breaking down an audience’s barriers… especially if it done in a un-cosmetic and un-glorified style. I think violence onstage is much mroe visceral because we are sharing the same air space with the victim and the attacker… there is no celluloid record of events that have transpired – it is happening right now on the stage.






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