Just got my permanent crown

Just got my permanent crown thrown in. At least that’s done. I asked about the tooth whitening – it’s gonna be $500. Maybe try to do that for the new year. Considering trying out Body for Life again. I dunno. Maybe. We’ll see. Had dinner with Anthony last night. He’s so useful to me because he has a few more years of experience than I do and he’s not really a central player in my circle of friends – so he has a certain distance and perspective of it all that is pretty useful.

I’d forgotten when my flight home was on Saturday. OH YEAH: 7:30 in the fucking morning. That means I’m on the train at 5 to get there at 6:30 to fly at 7:30 and land at 9:30 EST. What was I thinking? I might as well just stay out all night and party right? Right! Having dinner tonight with Karen and Brigitte (our ‘Pud’s Dinner’ as you can see from the emails a few days ago) – though there won’t be a torte since they had a raucous time at their workplaces’s Christmas party last night. Tomorrow I’m having dinner with Stephen and then going out with ____ and the B. B. Mac boys – at least that’s what we call them since ____ says they look like the boys from B. B. Mac – I haven’t met them yet. He keeps throwing asian guys he finds on gay.com my way. I’m done with boys till 2001. Read my lips: no new exes.






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