Just got back from the

Just got back from the fake-bake. Yeah Dean. You know who I am. Just going for a little color – not on the melanin warpath. And I’m so vain I cover my face with a towel for most of the time anyway. And yes I’ll probably have to bleach my teeth too. (I think Dean’s the one that talked about tanning and teeth bleaching – maybe it was Jonno? Eastwest? Sorry guys… what’s really sad is I’m starting to memorize all the URLs of the logs I look at everyday…)

Trying to decide if I’m going to Circuit tonight with Richard. Argh. I’m so schizoid. Maybe it was the UV rays from the tanning bed. My doc suggested I get one of those timed lighting units since I seem to get mood swings during the winter. That or I should just visit someplace sunny – anybody wanna visitor?






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