Just got back from open

Just got back from open registration at S_____ talent agency. I was such a basketcase! I took a whole Xanax before I left and I was still nervous. Christ! Me and my anxieties… anyway they took all the headshots I have and I have to go back and give ’em some more tomorrow. The lady said she thinks I could play teenagers. Cool… maybe there is still hope for ‘Andy’s Creek’ after all. The agency represents primarily latino and ethnic minority talent but the guy I talked to two weeks ago suggested I try ’em out since they were looking for white guys lately. I don’t know why I’m so nervous – like I expect them to laugh at me to my face and tie me down while they burn my headshots on CNN. They didn’t believe I have a 17″ neck – I got a tree stump for a neck. I’m gonna go home and re-measure. I’m almost positive. That’s like I bought a sweater at the Gap in a medium and I can’t get the goddamn thing over my head. Viva v-necks, I reckon. This guy I’ve been talking on webcam was scolding me for wearing necklaces to go out clubbing because they accentuate my shortness. He is a sometime talent scout for modeling stuff. He thinks I can do underwear modeling. Figure that shit out. But when I was looking at some online underwear catalogues some of them do have men’s bodies that aren’t ideal but are attainable like mine – realistic yet hunky.






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