Judy Bachrach Issues Brigitte Quinn Takedown on FOX News

Brigitte Quinn expected Vanity Fair’s Judy Bachrach to toe the line of compliance and puffery with issue to the inauguration. That’s not quite what happened.

Oliver Willis has the scoop – and the video clip.






26 responses to “Judy Bachrach Issues Brigitte Quinn Takedown on FOX News”

  1. Terrance Heath Avatar

    Doesn’t it say something that these day, in this country, it’s actually an act of courage to criticize the president?

  2. Jimmy Guam Avatar
    Jimmy Guam

    No, it’s not an act of courage to voice criticism. There is dissent in this country from normal citizens but big media won’t go out of their way to air it.

  3. Cathryn Carroll Avatar
    Cathryn Carroll

    Thank you, Judy. Yours was the only coverage that made sense to me. That it occurred on Fox News would been have a tickle, but the matter is so deadly serious and the rest of the news media, for reasons I don’t understand, echo our severely misled administration in tone and content–a tragedy for our country.

  4. dot Avatar

    Just watched the clip with Judy- thank you so much for having the gumption to say what needed to be said. Amen to that!

  5. Phil Avatar

    Judy is wrong on her facts and snarly in her attitude. Humvees are protected, most of Iraq is safe and over 80% will vote, Afganistan has voted, women have been freed from oppression. The murder of thousands of innocent civilians by their governments has stopped. The money spent on the inaugeration was from PRIVATE donors, not the government. She is just a sore loser that refuses to see daylight.

  6. Roger Chavez Avatar

    Phil is wrong on his facts, and he is now practicing damage control for the White House. Maybe he’s being paid. Many Humvees are being used that have no protection, except fopr the bodies of American service personnel. American’s are dying every day for the lie of WMDs. Women may have voted in afghanistan, but they are by no means free as we think of freedom. Do a Google seach, find Human Rights News and look for a story called “Afghanistan: Women still not ‘liberated’” for an in-depth account of the plight of Afghan women. It’s a story you won’t find on Fox. Phil is right about one thing, though: “The murder of thousands of innocent civilians by their governments has stopped”. The murder of innocent civilians has been taken over by the U.S. Government financed by U.S. taxpayers to the tune of 300 billion dollars so far in Iraq.

  7. Evan Avatar

    So Bush can find private sponsors to buy him a mega party but he can’t find private sponsors to increase the security for his soldiers?

  8. Bill Lafferty Avatar
    Bill Lafferty

    Thanks Judy for trying to unsanitze the Iraq War.Have you noticed we never see returning troops interviewed on our so called free press? How about the return of our brothers and sisters in their coffins? The government has learned to keep the spin in their favor
    with lessons learned during the Vietnam War and other past conflicts.

  9. Gerard Ruppert Avatar
    Gerard Ruppert

    Please. Does anyone really believe that the liberals care about
    U.S. Troops? If it wasn’t the inauguration it would be something else.

  10. Dom Avatar

    For those who don’t speak the right-wing version of English (aka “Dubyaspeak”), let me translate what Gerard Ruppert posted:

    “War rocks!!!!! It’s better than playing Ultimate Warrior II…..I mean, I would go out and kill me some brown people, but Mom won’t let me……pow!!!! boom!!! eeeeeeyarrrrnnnn……chaka-chaka-chaka…..kerpow!!! Aauuuughhhh…..

    Darn, now I have to go clean up. Where’s my Kleenex?”

  11. Matt Avatar

    We are winning the war people not loosing it. This is not vietnam. If the ratio of dead troops were more than not I would listen to maybe some of this dissentious talk. Since the death toll tells me neither I give George W. a thumbs way up.

  12. Matt Avatar

    We are winning the war on terror people. This is not Vietnam. Far from it. What Judy said was not accurate. Sure there are soldiers dying but it certainly is worth. I wish people would wake up and understand that evil is real in this world. It cannot be ignored. All we are trying to do is fix the problem. Sheet metal to fix humvees? Sure, well that’s what they are made of anyway so what’s the big deal. Should tanks have thicker steel than the four inches that are already on them? How about titanium? Oh, I am sure Judy would wholeheartedly knockdown the administration for not upgrading our M1 Abrams tanks with impenitrable armor. Surely…where does it this agravating and dissentious thinking stop?

  13. nancy dillon Avatar
    nancy dillon

    You cannot be a christian and be for war. read your bibles. all soldiers should go to war with a plus number one gear! this is america dammit. we have the best we should use the best. no soldier should be imperiled while bush says “let them eat cake” It is not dissentious to speak out. is that not why we are in iraq, so they can speak out? if you truly care so much about freedom, what about us lending a hand to rawanda?

  14. democracy lover Avatar
    democracy lover

    I agree with Matt–we are on a divine mission to spread democracy, so shut up with all of this “dissentious” treason. The more Iraqis we kill now, the easier it will be to spread democracy later. With each person we kill, we remove a little bit more of evil from this world. So please shut the f*ck up and lets carry on. Too bad the dead Iraqis won’t go to heaven, but our dead boys–provided they believe in the God of Bush–will rise straight to heaven and enjoy 49 virgins. So indeed, their deaths will “certainly be worth.” Evil IS real in this world, Matt. Look in the mirror.

  15. Liz Dexic Avatar

    No Iraq is not Viet Nam.

    George Bush knew how to get OUT OF VIET NAM!

  16. Bill Lafferty Avatar
    Bill Lafferty

    “With each person we kill, we remove a little bit more of evil from this world. ” Be it innocent or evil?

  17. Nerrad Avatar

    As a Canadian I am constantly shocked and ultimately disguisted and disappointed in American media. It is NEVER the job of journalists or newsanchors to take sides for or against. That is the job of pundints and editorialists. Unfortunatley in the media in ‘The Greastest Democracy’ sides are taken all the time. This is not freedom and it is certainly not democracy. Ms Quinn’s role should have simply been to illicit the opinion of Ms Bacharach, not attack it then cut her off because she is challenging her.

    Your media is so perverted and corrupt that the average American is now not able to even understand how to critically asses issues. You are reduced to Right and Left opions with minfields between you.

    To further this, Bush administration is quite possibly the most courrpt and utlimatley inept administration in the entire industrialized world. John Kerry, in my opinion would have been marginally better. How is it that the greatest democracy turns out two horrifylingly weak candidates? Democracies in places like Sweden, The Netherlands, and for that matter Canada our much more the effective in terms of representation of the real people who live in the country.

    I could go on and on….

  18. Don Salamon Avatar
    Don Salamon

    Judy Bachrach is either a losing liberal who lies and is bitter over W’s win or as a mis-informed moron, she should know the facts before she spouts off on tv. The inauguration is being paid with private donations. But if the $40M price is too much, then why don’t the hypocritical liberals talk about Clinton’s 2nd inauguration which cost $42M in today’s dollars. It’s ok if your side spends lavishly but OH MY GOD if the GOP spends PRIVATE MONEY on the inauguration. But let’s talk about what a CLASSLESS person Judy Bachrach is!!! She was invited on Fox to comment on the various regale and instead she comes armed with verbal guns and swords. I wish the Fox person could have known this in advance so she could have countered Bachrach but that was not the intended purpose of inviting Bachrach. Poor Judy, like all the other crybaby libs, ought to eat a big piece of “shut-the-hell-up pie” if they are going to continue to spout the continuous stream of lies. Let’s talk facts and stop spinning and lying – ok Democraps??

  19. Nerrad Avatar

    I think Don’s comment about ‘shutting the hell’ up is exactly my point.

    Don, do you not want your media to be free? Is it wrong for people to raise issues that are relevent, in a public forum? Would you rather that your media be even more predicatble and programmed? Is it better if no viewpoints critical of the Administration come out? Is that safe enough for you?

    Judy’s spot would have been much more digestable had she simply commented on how regal and inspiring it all was going to be. What an awesome display of ‘freedom and liberty’, not a terrorist in sight? Meaningless fluff as usual!!!

    Instead Judy Bacharach uses the time to make an interesting social observation and she is then attacked by the ‘newsanchor’ who’s job it is to simply interview her – oh no sorry – defend your President. That’s the job of the media in America- home of Freedom.

    Obviously you see nothing inappropriate about Bush’s inaguration – regardless of the source of the funding. I would challenge you to ask yourself if the lavish party is not possibly a distraction from reality?

    You then resort to juvenille namecalling, and you call Judy Bacharach classless? Only in America…

  20. SD Avatar

    Has anyone ever noticed that the most thoughtful, well written posts are liberal and the most belligerent, crude, insulting posts are written by conservatives? I think that conservatives know that their points of view cannot stand on their own and they therefore must be “in your face” about it.

  21. Democrats = Republicans Avatar
    Democrats = Republicans

    this is to Don-the-strong-right-winger –
    first of all, backup whatever the hell you say with facts – like explaining how Judy lied for starters. Now, to deal with your “facts” – Clinton’s inauguration wasnt during a war nor was the nation in trillions of dollars of debt….and what do you mean by “today’s dollars”? The fact that the US dollar is incredibly weak due to the fuzzy math of the Bush administration? And if Bush can raise $40 million for a party, why can’t he at least raise that much for the troops. You talk about being classless yet you completely attempt to trash liberals/democrats with your childness antics such as “crybaby libs” and “Democraps”. I know high schoolers that could come up with better ways to argue than that. But, back to the point – how is simply not falling in suit with Fox’s “fair and balanced” conservative approach and speaking your mind is defined as classless…yeesh…thats a stretch. And its even more pathetic that you believe the Fox anchorwoman (I know its a little more complicated than “Fox person”) should have been prepared for the attacks by Judy. I can see it now in the Fox newsroom – “Quick, someone prepare some comebacks in case our mindless anchorwoman can’t think of anything to say! If that happens we’ll all look like jackasses!” Simply put – Fox News got owned and couldn’t do anything about it except take Judy off the air. Typical conservative approach – look the opposite way when someone throws the truth in your face.

  22. Don Salamon Avatar
    Don Salamon

    Hey, “Dem=Rep”,

    First of all, I would never want you for my financial planner. Today’s dollars means you take inflation into account and project out the value of yesterday’s dollars into today’s dollars. Are you really that dumb?? 2ndly, so what that there was no war during Clinton’s time. What about all that Billy Clinton lib talk about the spread of HIV in Africa? You mean to tell me that that money could not have been put to good use fighting AIDS in Africa? You know, you are so typical, talking out of both sides of your mouth. Thirdly, I’m all for speaking one’s mind, but if Bachrach is called upon to post comentary on the elegance of ladies dresses, etc. and instead she shows up to diss the administration, well it’s almost a “breach of contract” (not exactly a contract of course). She delivered something entirely different. If you invite me to cook you filet mignon and I crap on a slice of bread and hand it to you, maybe you get the point.

  23. Nerrad Avatar

    Again Don you seem to be missing the real issue which I think boils down to this. Is it a true democracy if the media shows clear bias and intolernce towards views opposing the current administration?

    The controversy about the cost etc ends up being moot. Ordinary people, like yourself, can have whatever opinion they want. In fact a variety of opinions debated in the public forum healthy, but when the media enters the fray and offers up their own spin, you have something closer to a fascist state than a democrtic one.

    Incedentally, I think Bacharach’s original point was similar to yours. Bush should have considered serving chicken salad instead of filtet mignon.

  24. geicutrauma Avatar

    I have not seen to this day the republicans taking the lead to gather $$$$$$$ support for the troops. Veteran’s benefits will be cut, patients at Walter Reed are back to paying for their meals, there can be no negotiating drug prices under the new Medicaid act. Actions speak louder than words. Millionaires and billionaires do not start businesses or give raises with their tax cuts. They have the money to do that already.
    What is wrong with being mild and meek in a celebration, these are attributes of good christians. What has happened to differentiating necessity versus luxury?

  25. Diebold for president Avatar
    Diebold for president


    We had to wait since the begining of Fox News, after years of claiming to be ‘fair and balanced,’ to finally get at least a balanced perspective thanks to Ms. Bachrach’s representation of our fellow citizen’s (soldiers) needs in Iraq.

    I was hoping that she had a chance to mention how many and for how long 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 homless Americans could eat and have shelter for $40,000,000.

  26. Justin Avatar

    In respone to Phil response number 5…
    Iraq is safe? humvees are protected? hmm ok…and by the way, still no WMD in Iraq, unless you count our weapons of course.

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