Jordin Sparks is Obese?

She ain’t obese: she’s a tall, thick, Amazon, sexy, sasquatch that can sing and once she gets a few more years will have the emotional base for a long long career.

This lady is an idiot.

Thanks God Melinda or Lakisha didn’t win (granted Lakisha probably is probably technically obese but at the same time I think she didn’t get herself costumed properly for most shows – she should have all Latifah al a Chicago).







3 responses to “Jordin Sparks is Obese?”

  1. Indiana Dan Avatar
    Indiana Dan

    I still think that the program is rigged.We never see the total number of calls made and the margin that exist.We have a girl win then a boy. all good looking and correct size.We watch this as the kids are having their asses blown off in the unholy of wars……….Time to go to the barn a turn the animals out to the fields……..we need rain for the corn……..ID

  2. HouseWife Avatar

    I read the “about” page. You’re an INFJ? I’m an INTJ. And I like Alien movies too, all of ’em. I’m planning to get that snarling alien action figure. We’re a rare breed.

  3. Lisa Wilder Avatar

    I’m with you, Andy. This woman is an idiot. To say that Jordin is obese is ridiculous. It’s commentary like this that further perpetuates the epidemic of eating disorders in young women in this country.

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