Joe Millionaire For Sale

From the alt.showbiz.gossip Usenet group: (posted by ‘Dame Delia Dampcrotch’)

The hot story flying around Hollywood today is about Joe Millionaire’s real job: is he a construction worker or an underwear model or… a gay escort?

Many of the print and broadcast tabloids have been flooded with calls since the show premiered on Monday from gay men on the West Coast who say they’ve retained Joe’s services as a male prostitute.

And today, the letters started arriving at the tabloids and magazines with clippings from back issues of a gay escort rag with ads featuring “intimate massages” offered by a man who looks exactly like Joe Millionaire with a Dana Point telephone number.

The alleged $19-thou-a-year “construction worker” lives in Dana Point, one of the most exclusive suburbs in ritzy Orange County, south of Los Angeles, and owns a Porsche. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that someone who makes $19-thou a year can’t afford to live in Dana Point and drive a Porsche. Perhaps it’s more like Joe makes $19-thou a month.

A friend inside Fox told me this morning that PAs at the network have been sent all over town to buy gay porn magazines to search for other ads with pictures that look like Joe. Why? If the story goes wide, the network wants to be prepared.

Plus, he was evidently a model as well as these pictures posted by the Freedom Of Information badasses at TheSmokingGuncan attest.






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