Jim Kunstler on California

Whenever I think I’m bitter – I turn to Jim Kusntler, who is infinitely more educated and insightful than I. His blog, Clusterfuck Nation, is a semi-weekly dose of bitchslap.

What you see in this miserable airport is simply the death of the airline industry. The airlines are the giant “canaries in the coal mine” of our imploding economy. They can’t make any money, even running fully-loaded flights, with the price of jet fuel (which is little more than kerosene) not even very high yet

Which is that what you see in California is a society with a tragic destiny… life here is all about cars and it will never not be about cars — until the reality of our oil predicament falls on the hapless public like a hammer of God and the people of California die for their fucking cars in their fucking cars and over their fucking cars.






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