Jerry Springer Malaprop

In my neverending quest to find the best abuse of the English language – here’s a good tidbit:

Ron and I were taking breaks between DVDs of the third season of 24 when we were watching some kind of mayhem on Springer. The combatants parted and the screaming women yelled at her idiot boyfriend:

You know what he wants, Jerry? He wants to have his cake and ice cream, too.

Ron and I looked at eachother and then burst into laughter. What a dumbass.

24 is very good and when things get tense Ron is usually yelling at me and beating me with a pillow. That and he got up in the middle of one episode, running around the house to find that cat yelling: I need Kitty Reassurance! I need Kitty Reassurance!

We have 14 more hours to watch.






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