Jazz and Liquor (Roxie's Downfall)

Sara had her birthday party last night at a place called Pops the Champagne which boasts one of the largest selection of champagne in the world. I had two great drinks: a Sidecar (recipe) and a Parisienne.

The party was ‘It’s Fabulous to be 30’ so you had to dress as your most fabulous self – so I wore my leather pants and a tight black shirt with my hair all spiked – feeling like a rock star. Sara was wearing a pink corset and a pink velvet dress. I always remember in undergrad when the costume crew would get vengeful and tie the actresses up as tight as they could in corsets so they almost fainted everytime they walked. Had a great time talking with Alan, Jessi and JenOz.

The live music was fantastic and higlighted by this older jazzer playing jazz on a fucking bagpipe! The clash of black jazz and Scottish pipes was fascinating – we all just sat there with our mouths open. Amazing.

I hadn’t had a drink in a long time – and I slept very well last night. Very very slight headache soon to be repaired by hydration. I wish Ron could’ve been there – he would have had a great time and would only need half a cocktail to be flying high. They had an item called ‘Flight’ which is you choose three champagnes and they are delivered on a steel palette – with a clipboard edge to hold the glasses and there’s a little card describing each champagne. Total frou-frou but a great time.

I kept thinking how I’d love to work there because mostly you’re just schlepping drinks most of the evening. They have a limited selection of edibles but I bet they put the money away every night with the cocktails and champagne.






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    i’d like to see the pictures from THAT!

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