James Randi Was Right: How the Media Distorted the Case of a Coma Patient

James Randi debunked this months ago:

The Associated Press mistakenly claimed that Laureys taught Houben how to communicate and later noted that Laureys used sophisticated brain-activity scans to diagnose Houben (he hadn’t—though experimental scans were later made, the CRS was all it took for an accurate diagnosis). None of its coverage mentioned the Coma Recovery Scale. Even worse, the presence of the much-debated facilitated-communication technique took the story in a different direction. Art Caplan, a University of Pennsylvania bioethicist, knows stories like these can make families afraid to withdraw care and donate organs even when doctors reliably predict a poor outcome for a patient. The moment he saw tape of Houben’s aide moving his fingers across a computer keyboard, he sensed trouble, Caplan says. “That’s Ouija board stuff,”

via How the Media Distorted the Case of a Coma Patient – Newsweek.com.






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