Jack Ryan's Sex Club Antics

You know it’s a story if I hear about it – I don’t read any Chicago newspapers and get everything online and still don’t really consider my self a Chicagoan but Jack Ryan, the devout Catholic Republican candidate for Senate is going through a rather nasty divorce and this gem exploded onto the front pages.

[Ex-wife] Jeri Ryan (also known as Star Trek Voyager’s Seven of Nine) accused ex-husband Jack Ryan of insisting she go to “explicit sex clubs” in New York, New Orleans and Paris during their marriage — including “a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling.”

The uproar has ensued since Jack was running on a taut family values platform. I think this is just hysterical and the reaction online has been funny as hell:

gay marriage threatens to destroy the sacred God-given holy sanctified sacrament of marriage, but I should be free to divorce my wife because she won’t fuck me in front of strangers in a Paris sex club.

Maybe we can get Poshard to replace Ryan. “The Illinois Republican Party: So Pathetic, We Run Democrats

We feel this race will be decided on the issues. Of course. Those issues being missionary versus doggie style, edible undies versus flavored lube, and fur-covered handcuffs versus knowing better than to risk your entire political career over some cheap exhibitionism.

A real problem is Ryan had assured his staff and other GOP associates that the divorce would be no big deal. If I was spin-control, I’d be pissed this caught us by surprise. He may do more damage to the party at a state level than he thought – but why run if you’re going to put things at such a long term risk?

This is better than Rush’s third divorce. When you put yourself on a pedestal, it’s a long drop down. Just ask Clinton – I can’t bear to watch any coverage of his book – is he going to say he’s sorry – again?






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  1. wesley J. Avatar
    wesley J.

    I guess you are ready to jump right in and believe anything the man’s wife says about him.

    Not very charitable, Andy.

    You don’t suppose she might be pissed, and want to hurt him, as SOME wimmen do during a nasty divorce?

    Better than Rush’s 3rd divorce?

    1st rule of the left:
    No debate on issues, just try to destroy the enemy any way you can.


  2. Andy Avatar

    Good God, you’re already attacking the left on this post. And yes – I’m sure his wife is an agent of the left – you know she did play a half-human/half-Borg on Star Trek.

    Of course his wife may be making shit up – that is why I focused on the spin of this – regardless of it’s truth. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not – it’s out there and the damage control needs to be immediate.

    I just would be pissed if it was true and I worked on the campaign and Ryan hadn’t told anybody.

    Yeah, it’s not very charitable – but either is being such an asshole about civil rights and same-sex civil unions.

    Rush’s 3rd divorce means he’s 3 for 3 – shouldn’t he be protected from sullying the institution of marriage futher? Rush is an overblown hypocrite – a fantastic entertainer – but an incredible hypocrite – as proved by his remarks about drug addicts until he was revealed to be one himself, and then cowered in victimized self-pity at any thought that he should face jail-time. But he can just claim himself ‘born again’ and be off scot free – it worked for Mr. Bush.

    And I’m definitely not inferring that there’s no liberals that don’t have the same problems. It’s a case of glass houses for me. When (some, not all) conservatives bitch about the sanctity of marriage and how if my boyfriend and I got married that it is a threat to their institution – it’s all a load of horse shit.

    They wanna protect marriage – let’s start prosecuting adultery to the hilt. Then the outcry will be against people’s rights to make their own decisions. Exactly.

    The gay marriage issue is a red herring being used to activate a voting block that is desperately scared of their own homophobia. I still don’t understand gay Republicans – especially at this point in time. Or rather – I’ll reframe it: I don’t understand gays/lesbians that will be voting for Bush this fall. The administration has no inkling of respect or importance or any sense of rights or equality… does it matter what the fiscal policy is when you remain a second-class citizen?

  3. Damon Avatar

    “I guess you are ready to jump right in and believe anything the man’s wife says about him.”

    Yeah, actors make these kinds of claims during divorce proceedings in order to foul up their spouse’s senatorial campaigns, didn’t you know? I sure she wants to be known as that senator guy’s sex toy for the rest of her career.

    Hi Andy

  4. Andy Avatar

    I forgot – this is the same asshole that hired a stalker to record his opponent’s every move. What a prick.

  5. Realist Avatar

    Uhm… the allegations seem a bit too specific for an ex-wife to just randomly decide to make them up. When are the rest of the men in the world going to grow up and stop thinking their dicks should control the women in their lives? I’d have no problem with this story if his wife had wanted and been interested in going to these clubs, but it takes self-absorbed jerk to repeatedly try and get his wife to fuck him in front of people when he *knows* she’s not into it.