Jack Cafferty on the NSA/FISA Ruling

Must watch: Jack Cafferty on The Situation Room (Quicktime video from Crooks and Liars)

Or at least must read:

Cafferty: You know Wolf, it seems like were having this discussion about this judge’s ruling sort of in the abstract, as if there’s no precedent for what the judge decided. The judge in effect upheld the ruling of the FISA court which says that ‘if you want to wiretap phones you need a warrant to do so’. The court was created by Congress in 1978 I think it was and the law of the land says, “Get a warrant”. The actions of the administration have ignored the law of the land in that regard. So it’s not a discussion in the abstract. It’s not hypothetical. There are laws on the books against what the administration is doing and it’s about time someone said it out loud.

This Federal district judge ruled today President Bush is breaking the law by spying on people, in this country, without a warrant. The judge said the President is violating the First Amendment to the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA, passed by Congress 1978, specifically to prevent this kind of abuse of power. It was being done before. That’s why the FISA court was created in the first place.

So what does this mean? It means President Bush violated his oath of office, among other things, when he swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. It means he’s been lying to us about the program since it started, when tells us there’s nothing illegal about what he’s doing. A court has ruled it is illegal. And it means a 75 year old black female judge in Michigan has finally stepped in and done the job that Congress is supposed to do, namely oversight of the executive branch of government. But the gov…but the Congress is controlled by Republicans. They are controlled by the President, and they have done nothing in the way of oversight.







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  1. kevin hulls Avatar
    kevin hulls

    Love You – from a distance !

  2. Jack Avatar

    speaking of CNN, what’s up with Rob Marciano? Where has he been?

  3. matt d Avatar
    matt d

    First of all, Wolfe Blitzer is a moron. Secondly, the FISA act did not apply to what the government was doing-if you read the act you would know that. The liberal media (of which you have obviously succumbed) is banking on the fact most Americans are ignorant and then use hype and scary headlines to sell newspapers to ignorant people who should donate the dollar they spend on that rag to a worthy cause; we would all be better off. So, in conclusion, the FISA act does not apply to people OUTSIDE the US.

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