I've Still Got It

I got cruised by a girl last night.

Ron and I were at Melrose and were getting up to leave after having late night
breakfast before coming back home. We were getting up and bundling up. One of
the girls at a table behind us was checking me out and asked

Girl: Are you gay?
Me: Um, well, this is my boyfriend so…
Girl: You know – I think I’m attracted to gay men. What’s wrong with me?
Me: They smell better and they’re usually better looking. (stole this from
Opposite of Sex)

I turned to Ron as we left and said “I’ve still got it!” Heh heh
– there’s a few female flight attendants that can’t keep their hands off Ron
when he’s working – they’re always wanting to have dinner with him on layover
and wanting to feel his arms. I want to have dinner with them so I can see Ron
get ogled. He has that effect on people – it’s his bubbly-ness – people are
attracted to it. He had a (presumably) straight pilot that just wanted to hang
out with him – this guy was married and all – and I tried to posit that perhaps
it wasn’t a sexual attraction thing but that the guy just liked Ron’s spirit
(or maybe the guys was attracted but just wasn’t getting it).

‘Bring Me to Life’ may be a perfect rock song. I over-listened to it a long time
ago before Evanescence became popular. It’s got that same catchiness as the
first few Linkin Park hits – the pathos and rock edge with a counterpoint between
a vocal voice and a ranty/rapping voice. Evanescence seems like the logical
next step of goth and rock and pop.

Getting geared up for San Diego next week. Very excited to see Karen and I
think this conference is going to be big fun! It’s snowing. What kind of bullshit
is that?






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