"It's fucked but not in the way they think it is."

“They think he’s some renegade maverick being crucified because liberals can’t handle THE TRUTH. Except what he says the truth is changes every 5 minutes depending on whats most convenient. What’s really admirable about him is how he’s found a way to be utterly changeable in a way that keeps both sides committed to advancing his interests.

“The right will be convinced that whatever he’s saying at the moment is PC crushing, no nonsense hard truth because of the hysterical reaction he gets out of the left, and the left will be convinced that whatever he’s doing at the moment is pure evil (which keeps them from having any coherent strategy to fight him since they’re constantly reacting to Trump)

“It’s really a huge strength in politics that almost no other politician has. It may even allow him to do things no politician has before since the dawn of the information age. He’s managed to polarize the media narrative in such a way that he never really has to worry about being called out for inconsistency.

“His left wing opponents will never say “hang on, maybe he isn’t the devil if he’s said all this reasonable stuff”, and his right wing supporters will never crucify him for betrayal or flip flopping because he’s managed to detach his support almost entirely from specific policies and shifted it onto a general feeling he puts out with help of the liberal medias reaction to him.”







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