It's a Little Late for Balls

I’m pretty annoyed at Al Gore’s recent ‘heroics’ and speaking out on policy. Now that he’s not a candidate for president. Where the hell where you when the Florida election got scammed? Where the hell where you when the PATRIOT Act was given midnight revisions and slammed into law? Where hell where you when we approved the Bush Doctrine?

And now he wants kudos and applause and all of us to care about him – after he pisses away an election opportunity where he was running against a man with the intelligence of a sweet potato.

It’s a little late for this bullshit.






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  1. Jay Avatar

    Hi. I agree with the “where was he” feelings and can hardly believe how he just went along with the stealing by Bush of the election which indeed elected HIM President… typical of Democrats though, just wagging fingers at those comitting atrocities and daily acts of corruption and all the rest instead of just bloody FIGHTING LOUDLY and AGGRESSIVELY to get this country back… HOWEVER, what Gore is now doing is precisely that. He is STANDING UP when others are still cow-towing. His call for the REPEAL of the Patriot Act was gutsy and indeed necessary… I am indeed glad he, along with Sen Clinton, Al Franken and even Ariana Huffington are rocking the boat and hopefully will awaken Americans to reality. Cheers!

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