It is morning. I was

It is morning. I was unable to wake and work out this morning – I didn’t get up until 7:40 and then didn’t even get out the door until 8:15. Awaiting my temps. Liked Dean’s thoughts on eating the same thing for breakfast every morning. It does remove one more peripheral thought from the day. Sometimes I think of making all of those everyday choices have a default so if I don’t want to committ a few seconds/minutes/hours to a decision there is a pre-thought answer waiting for me. I’ve begun reading Stephen King’s On Writing – trying to get through the first half of biography so I can plumb the second half where he talks about the craft of writing. I was thinking this morning about the incredible simple and transparent logic of ‘You only want what you don’t have.’ Think about it. It makes such elegant sense. That or I need to slap my forehead and say ‘dehrrr’ in a low hollow resonance. The things I want to be or have or attain are things that once I have them what then? I’m done? Hell no, I’ve been pre-programmed to always want more. I think I have to make peace with my hunger and lust for Other Things. It is a force that can keep you going but it can also paralyze you at the same time.






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