Couldn’t sleep last night. I was up until 2 and then up at 5 to get to the gym to lift. I’m laying off major chest exercises for awhile and really focusing on my arms and my shoulders. My right shoudler has a dull ache whenever I do chest press so I am going to take it easy for awhile.

Watched the premiere of 24 last night. I hope the writers keep in mind one of the central rules of good stories – families. I learned that in Bob’s theatre repetoire clas – that all good plays are about families. Even a love story like ROmeo and Juliet is utlimately about the two families coming to reconciliation. I think that is one reason why I loathe today’s love story – romantic comedy movies. It is just two people in a room with nothing else going on around them. I like the intersection of biography and history – where the personal and political clash and collide.

Met Andrew’s boyfriend Keith today at the gym. Andrew was one of those guys you’d say hi to at the gym and never really introduce yourself to. Just passing acquaintances. I walked home with him one day. His family is seriously Jewish and is still coming to terms with their son being gay. But Keith is Andrew’s first boyfriend and they’ve clocked in at 10 months so far. They are really cute. They both look like accountants.

Work consists of avoidance lately. I try to keep my head down and run the gauntlet and get out while I can. I found out that all of my vacation and sick days were supposed to be converted to me with a payout so I had to follow up with that loose end. More money to throw at my credit cards. Awaiting my November bonus – which better be coming or there will be hell to pay.

Probably going to install the upgrade of MovableType in the next few days – I need to be sure I back up c-matic and my blog and export them correctly in case the upgrade goes awry.






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