Is Bush Wired?

Bush during 1st debate with a mysterious bulge on his back.

I love it. A whole blog just to argue the evidence for and against Bush having an earpiece for speaking engagements (no biggie, news anchors do this) and interviews (eh… minor) or the debates (big-ass problem).

When Bush spoke at D-Day ceremonies in France last June, for example, viewers watching on CNN, Fox and MSNBC, including’s Danny Schechter, were startled to hear another voice speaking Bush’s words as if to prompt him. Some said this continued into a q & a. And on the night of 9/11, when Bush appeared on television to address the nation, viewers of one television station in Quincy, Massachusetts heard another voice speaking, slowly and carefully, a few words at a time — words which were then recited by the president. The voice was nondescript, male, definitely not the president’s voice, says Quincy resident Robyn Miller. This went on for at least four sentences, she says, and then the “extra” feed was cut off.

Sure makes you double-think when, during the first debate, Bush said Now let me finish… only he wasn’t being interrupted.

Look for a squarish bulge under his jacket as he comes out tonight.

I swear politics is like sports. Except it actually matters.

Billy Flynn and the Press Conference Rag. Notice how his mouth never moves…

Updated: Added pic from Salon article.

Updated: Link to video of incident in France.

Update: NY Times: The Mystery of the Bulge in the Jacket






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  1. sam Avatar

    I’ve long thought it was probably a tooth phone.

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