Irish Hypocrisy on Abortion

“I love Ireland. I really do. But fuck this shit. This shit makes me so angry.

So here’s the thing. If you are a middle-class woman in Ireland, you can get an abortion without any problem. You tell everyone you’re going to London for the weekend to do some shopping or whatever, you fly to Stansted, you have your abortion, and you fly back home. Even if you’re not middle-class, you can probably find a way to afford it: it’s 40 euro round-trip on Ryanair, and the abortion itself is free. It’s a perfect Irish solution to an Irish problem: Irish people get to feel good about the fact that no sinful abortions are being performed on their soil, but everyone who matters still has access to abortion. The only people who can’t get abortions are people who don’t matter anyway: refugees, foreigners, kids in state care, that kind of person. Basically, what this is about is that Irish people are willing to sacrifice the most vulnerable women in their communities so that they can feel pure and virtuous without sacrificing anything themselves. It’s vile and it’s hypocritical and it makes me incoherent with rage.”

From a thread about the forced c-section of a rape victim

Photo from coverage of the protests in Ireland





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