Iraqi Blogger: 'Just Go.”

From a blogger in Baghdad:

Today’s lesson: don’t rape, don’t torture, don’t kill and get out while you can- while it still looks like you have a choice… Chaos? Civil war? Bloodshed? We?ll take our chances- just take your Puppets, your tanks, your smart weapons, your dumb politicians, your lies, your empty promises, your rapists, your sadistic torturers and go.






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  1. Scott Avatar

    That’s a great link, but do you think that blog is real? I can’t decide. She doesn’t write like I would expect an Iraqi to, but I’ve also heard that they’re more Westernized that most people would think. The website that manages her email is in Thailand.

    This blog has been around for a while – there was a fake one out there for a while. There’s always Salam Pax.

  2.  Avatar

    I wonder what would be her response if we offered to leave Iraq and to let her go back to the way things were (eg) no future for her family and children.

  3. Andy Avatar

    If we left Iraq the country would be plunged into civil war and would implode until one of the key religious groups regained control. And don’t think the United States wouldn’t be supplying whichever one we wanted to win.

  4. Tim Z. Avatar

    “If we left Iraq the country would be plunged into civil war and would implode until one of the key religious groups regained control.”

    Perhaps, but do you know of any Marine, soldier, airman, or sailor who wants to be the last American to die for Bush’s mistaken invasion?

    The consensus among Iraqis is something like:
    Thanks for overthrowing Saddam, now get the fuck out yourselves!

    If Iraq’s main export was salted peanuts rather than oil, most Americans probably would never have heard of Saddam.
    Without looking it up, can anyone name the evil dictator who rules Belarus?

  5. flounder the fascist Avatar
    flounder the fascist

    does he have the same track record as Saddam, such as these recent war crimes when he invaded Kuwait:

    In the last Gulf war, the Iraqi dictator racked up 16 violations of the law of war under the Hague and Geneva conventions, according to an unclassified report written by Pentagon lawyers in 1992.

    Some of them involved “gruesome” tortures by amputation, electric shock, electric drills, acid baths, rape, forced self-cannibalism, dismemberment and ax beatings.

    The November 1992 Pentagon report accused Iraqi troops of systematically carrying out grisly acts of torture against Kuwaiti citizens “with the approval of the national leadership in Iraq.”

    “The evidence establishes that there were at least two dozen torture sites in Kuwait City, most of which were located in either police stations or sports facilities,” the report said. “The gruesome evidence confirms torture by amputation of or injury to various body parts, to include limbs, eyes, tongues, ears, noses, lips and genitalia.

    “Electric shock was applied to sensitive parts of the body (nose, mouth, genitalia),” the report said. “Electric drills were used to penetrate the chest, leg(s) or arm(s) of victims.”

    Invading Iraqi soldiers also allegedly beat Kuwaiti civilians, crushing bones, skulls and disfiguring their faces, according to the catalog of abuses. Some victims were soaked in acid. Others were beaten while suspended from ceilings. Axes were allegedly used in some beatings.

    “Women taken hostage were raped repeatedly,” the report added.

    * A total of 1,082 Kuwaiti civilians were killed.

    * Some 120 babies “were left to die after being removed from incubators that were taken to Iraq.”

    * More than 150 children between the ages of one and 13 were killed “for various reasons.”

    * Fifty-seven mentally ill individuals were killed “simply because of their handicap.”

  6. Tim Z. Avatar

    Some of them involved “gruesome” tortures

    In keeping with Bush family tradition, our own tortures are “kinder and gentler”.

  7. Andy Avatar

    The babies in the incubators story was a complete fabrication put together by a PR firm specializing in selling the war to the American public. The story was carefully timed to create maximum bloodlust in the American public and to push the war effort over the top.

  8. flounder the fascist Avatar
    flounder the fascist

    My mistake about the babies, I guess Saddam was not so bad afterall, just misuderstood. Reminds me of someone else making up war atrocities for their owm political gain: John Kerry.

  9. Andy Avatar

    So My Lai never happened?

  10. flounder the fascist Avatar
    flounder the fascist

    John Kerry was never involved in My Lai as far as I know. And if his stories of comitting atrocities are true, will he finally be held accountable?

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