Iraq Torture Continues

A new report from Human Rights Watch has found that Iraqi security forces are committing systematic torture against detainees in Iraqi jails. The report is based on interviews with 90 former detainees, 72 of whom alleged they had been tortured or abused.

[T]he American Civil Liberties Union released more government documents Monday that revealed Iraqi prisoners have lodged as many as 90 complaints of abuse against the U.S. after being held at a little known U.S.-run jail. The prison is housed in a former palace in Baghdad that was once used by Saddam Hussein’s son Uday. Detainees were reportedly sodomized, tortured with electric shocks, beaten and burned with cigarettes. One elderly Iraqi woman reported being sodomized with a stick.






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  1. ken Avatar

    All Taliban Motherfuckers should be burned alive…

  2. Andy Avatar

    That’s a great attitude.

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